Review- Bull Funk Zoo Whiskey

The new album from Bull Funk Zoo is a fantastically rocky mix of tracks all with strong nods towards true music legends such as Jimi Hendrix. Bull Funk Zoo are clearly willing to take their music to the next level, with all the songs being packed full of energy and passion. Jammed full of strong and powerful guitar riffs and pounding drums the songs are full of movement and dimension.

The tracks are all the perfect examples of the band’s musical talent and ability as they manage to create a rocky album that is hardcore yet perfectly clean sounding and strong, however the track Whiskey really stands out for me. The combination of these things with the distorted vocals creates a song that will stick in your head long after listening to itand that you will be sure to add to your playlists.

Overall, I am really glad this band, who I had not previously heard of, popped up in my inbox. I will be sure to keep up with them on their social medias so I can be up to date with whatever they bring out next, if this is anything to go by then I am sure that it will be worth it.


Links: Stream: https://soundcloud.com/bullfunkzoo

Donate/Buy: https://bullfunkzoo.bandcamp.com

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/user/BullFunkZoo

Tweet: http://www.twitter.com/bullfunkzoo

Follow: http://www.instagram.com/bullfunkzoo

Like: http://www.facebook.com/bullfunkzoo

Web: http://www.bullfunkzoo.com

Email: info@bullfunkzoo.com


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