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Album of the week: ‘Rain’ by M3staken


This week we’ve got something a little out there for you: If you like your hip-hop then it’s one for you, but if you like something that gives a challenging listen, then wrap your ears round this one too!

Hailing from South Carolina, young producer, M3staken (M3) creates a unique blend of hip-hop with jarring electronic beats, making for a complex, yet intriguing listening experience.

‘Rain’ is his latest, and arguably the best of his ‘trilogy’, which also began with ‘Apex’ and continued on with ‘Water Colors’.

There’s a real dark feel to M3’s work, but also a compositional quality that poses the question: are artist like M3 the Mozarts of the modern day? Of course, his music is a million miles away from Mozart’s, but he has been know to dabble with blending classical piano with his beats.

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Tony Banks: genre creator

With his latest single ‘Run!’, from his upcoming EP, Yes Homo, LGBT artist Tony Banks has seemingly created a style of his own that lies somewhere in between hip-hop, rap, house and dance.

It’s an eclectic mix of styles but the talented musician has found a way to make it work, which owes much to the many hours spent in recording studios when he was growing up. However, before this, Tony’s career in music began when he sang in his local church choir! Church choir to urban rapper is quite the leap, but everyone has to start somewhere.

With ‘Run!’, Tony has created a groove-led track with a high danceability factor, but this isn’t all – pertinent and cleverly crafted lyrics add another layer whilst the vocals from JwlB bring a soul-pop edge to what is already a song of many styles.

Tony tells us how the idea for ‘Run!’ came to him whilst he was travelling: ‘I was composing beats on a plane ride. I had started a few and kept going. But when I started ‘Run!’ I knew within minutes I had something and it excited me. I didn’t know the concept right away. That came in time. After that I shopped it to a number of LGBT artists. EarthTone jumped on board first, but others weren’t so sure. But I believe everything happens for a reason. So when I brought it to JwlB she immediately said yes and asked if she could sing. I said she could do whatever she wanted. It’s JwlB. And that’s when she brought her magic!’ 


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