Electronic, Synth-Pop

Vispa: ‘Cosmic Force’

Love electronic music? Love the 80s? Love electronic music from the 80s? Yes? Then we have the perfect track for you!

This is ‘Cosmic Force’ from Iranian artist Vispa who has used the skills he’s learnt as a producer and keyboardist to create a super-retro sound that you could only hear if you went back a few decades in a time machine! Throwback lovers get your get teeth stuck into this one!









NEOLEKTRA Gets Immortal with New Single

This may be Neolektra’s first ever solo release, she is hardly new to the world of music. She has already performed as herself (Naomi Tagg) with huge artists like Elton John, Celine Dion and John Legend, and has performed for Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel.  Her background is also in producing dramatic and emotional music for visuals, predominantly for advertisers. Her past clients include giants like BMW, Mercedes and Google, along with many more, so she certainly knows how to conjure emotions and capture an audience.

NEOLEKTRA was styled by Desiree Lederer who has an impressive resume and has styled some big celebrities including pop icon Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Dannii Minogue, Scarlett Johansson (the list goes on, for a more comprehensive list go to http://www.desireelederer.com). Brands used were Issey Miyake, Nikita Karizma, Karen K Boutique.