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Vispa: ‘Cosmic Force’

Love electronic music? Love the 80s? Love electronic music from the 80s? Yes? Then we have the perfect track for you!

This is ‘Cosmic Force’ from Iranian artist Vispa who has used the skills he’s learnt as a producer and keyboardist to create a super-retro sound that you could only hear if you went back a few decades in a time machine! Throwback lovers get your get teeth stuck into this one!








Indie, Pop, Synth-Pop

‘Brooklyn’ by Fickle Friends


Last week, Brighton based indie-pop band, Fickle Friends, released their latest work of synth-hopping, guitar-wah-ing music into the world, ‘Brooklyn’.

With a throwback 80s sound colliding with a modern indie aesthetic, it seems that Fickle Friends have found their very own recipe and it certainly tastes good!

Whilst there is an upbeat bounce to ‘Brooklyn’, the subtext of the lyrics is quiet different. Supposedly, according to singer, Natti, the song personifies anxiety as if it were someone you find difficult to understand and get your head around: ‘You are someone else, it’s something I can’t define, you are not mine’. 

For lovers of: Two Door Cinema Club, Blood Orange, Everything Everything



80s pioneers Visage play their hits as you’ve never heard them before


Brand new live album ‘Orchestral’ sees their most loved songs backed by international orchestras

FADE TO GREY SINGLE CLIP – https://soundcloud.com/the-real-visage/visage-fade-to-grey-orchestral-clip

Visage Correct Art Work


Founders of the New Romantic movement in the 1980s, Visage, fronted by the enigmatic Steve Strange, were one of a number of bands who grew to prominence at London’s notorious Blitz Club – known as ‘the cradle of the New Romantic movement’.

Following a long hiatus, ended last year by their first album in almost 30 years, Visage are back once again with a new album this winter. A spin on the traditional ‘Greatest Hits’ album, the new LP ‘Orchestral’ sees the band performing new versions of their most loved songs backed by the likes of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, the Czech Synthosynphonica Orchestra and others.

The incredible new arrangements, adding in layers of strings, woodwind, brass and percussion to give these great tracks a fresh spin, include a 7 minute orchestral version of breakthrough hit ‘Fade To Grey’ set to be the lead single.

The idea for the album was inspired by an invitation to play alongside Czech Synthosynphonica Orchestra to close the World Ski Jumping Championships in March 2014. The success of that show and the new sound they created led Steve Strange and the rest of the band to pursue it further. The result is the album ‘Orchestral’ – set for release this winter.

‘Orchestral follows the success of the 4th Visage album, ‘Hearts & Knives’, released in 2013. Following five singles from the album, the band has soared back into the public consciousness with gigs around the world, taking their sound out of the studio and onto the stage for the first time. Reaction to their live show has been phenomenal, and the band have no plans to stop what they’ve started.

And with work now beginning on a follow up album of original songs, ‘Orchestral’ is a chance to first look back on some of Visage’s greatest tracks as you’ve never heard them before.