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Vispa: ‘Cosmic Force’

Love electronic music? Love the 80s? Love electronic music from the 80s? Yes? Then we have the perfect track for you!

This is ‘Cosmic Force’ from Iranian artist Vispa who has used the skills he’s learnt as a producer and keyboardist to create a super-retro sound that you could only hear if you went back a few decades in a time machine! Throwback lovers get your get teeth stuck into this one!








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Tony Banks: genre creator

With his latest single ‘Run!’, from his upcoming EP, Yes Homo, LGBT artist Tony Banks has seemingly created a style of his own that lies somewhere in between hip-hop, rap, house and dance.

It’s an eclectic mix of styles but the talented musician has found a way to make it work, which owes much to the many hours spent in recording studios when he was growing up. However, before this, Tony’s career in music began when he sang in his local church choir! Church choir to urban rapper is quite the leap, but everyone has to start somewhere.

With ‘Run!’, Tony has created a groove-led track with a high danceability factor, but this isn’t all – pertinent and cleverly crafted lyrics add another layer whilst the vocals from JwlB bring a soul-pop edge to what is already a song of many styles.

Tony tells us how the idea for ‘Run!’ came to him whilst he was travelling: ‘I was composing beats on a plane ride. I had started a few and kept going. But when I started ‘Run!’ I knew within minutes I had something and it excited me. I didn’t know the concept right away. That came in time. After that I shopped it to a number of LGBT artists. EarthTone jumped on board first, but others weren’t so sure. But I believe everything happens for a reason. So when I brought it to JwlB she immediately said yes and asked if she could sing. I said she could do whatever she wanted. It’s JwlB. And that’s when she brought her magic!’ 


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Music Theory: ‘Down The Aisle’

The mysterious artist, Music Theory, hails from Egypt and he creates a beautiful blend of listenable pop music, best exhibited in his upcoming single ‘Down The Aisle’, which you can watch the video for here.

Inspired by some of the best in the business, including Maroon 5, Michael Jackson and Usher, Music Theory borrows elements from a wide range of musicians and styles, allowing him to craft his own unique style within the busy and highly-occupied world of pop music. Consequently, Music Theory often veers into the worlds of rock, dance and R&B when it comes to writing his music.

It can be difficult in today’s pop music sphere to make yourself stand out, but Music Theory is doing this with a combination of simple, honest songwriting and well-crafted lyricism that differentiates his music from the crowd.

‘Down The Aisle’ was mixed by Bob Horn (Usher/Akon) and was mastered by Tom Coyne (Adele/Taylor Swift).

Want a little more insight into the world of Music Theory? Check out his blog here: http://mtmusictheory.blogspot.co.uk/ 








Pop, R&B

‘I Need An Answer’ by Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin

‘I Need An Answer’ is the new single from urban collaborative duo Stunnah Gee and Kymo Kingin, who have joined forces to create their 6-track EP, Nipples.

If you’re wondering about the intriguing title of the record, it stems from the fact that the EP is aiming to raise breast cancer awareness. It will also be donating 10% of all proceeds towards organisations searching for a cure and those who cannot afford treatment.

Within the pair’s blend of R&B and pop is a powerful message and cause that only adds poignance to ‘I Need An Answer’. Produced by T-Izze, the track takes the shape of a moving ballad, led by delicate piano and emotive vocals.

After his Uncle passed away from pancreatic cancer and his Aunt’s several breast cancer scares in the past, Stunnah Gee was keen to use his talent of music for more than just pleasure, instead applying it to helping those in need.  Stunnah Gee and Kymo wanted to ‘create world music and to break boundaries with the project, but in the long run after sharing so many ideas, the thought came to us that we can do much more than just create music, but also give back to the society and that’s how we made it a breast cancer awareness project.’

Kymo Kingin, an R&B legend back in his home country of Nigeria, is an accomplished musician having been nominated for a Channel O award in Africa, whilst Stunnah Gee has been nominated for a MOBO award and even won a BEFFTA in 2016.

Along with a heart-string pulling video, ‘I Need An Answer’ is a track of great quality, combining its musical craftsmanship with the noble cause of supporting those with breast cancer.

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The Outside Illusion aim to make guitar music accessible

Denis Salgado of The Outside Illusion is a firm believer that for a long time, guitar centric music has only been directed at those who play the instrument. However, with their new album, Silent Communication, the band are aiming to widen the audience of guitar music through their instrumental masterpieces.

Sometimes, lyrics can be distracting in music, taking away from the quality musicianship that sits in the background. But The Outside Illusion are turning this idea on its head with their new album being completely instrumental. As a result, listeners can fully immerse themselves in the sounds and production, allowing them to create what they will from the music, as opposed to being directed towards a definite ‘meaning’ to a song.

Blending electronic and hard-rock guitar styles, The Outside Illusion create highly listenable form of music that isn’t just for guitarists. There’s a certain emotion beneath Denis Salgado’s dynamic guitar playing which truly urges you to look introspectively as to how the music makes you feel.

Not only this, but the video for ‘Silent Communication’ takes on an interesting concept, doing exactly what it says on the tin. Well worth a watch, and a listen!






Pop, Rock, Singer-songwriter

‘Freedom – What does the word even mean?’ – Beldon Haigh’s protest song

How often do you hear a protest song? Not very, I would say is the case for most people, but in reaction to America’s new president, Mr. Donald Trump, Beldon Haigh has written an anti-trump protest song to empower all those voices who feel the same way.

Supposedly, the idea for the song came to Beldon in a dream, so he was quick to jot down his ideas when he woke up. Beldon used to play in bands back in the 80s such as Mikifin and Boxing Clever and has since honed his craft as a musician, culminating to this point where he has found that writing songs of protest is where his heart lies.

Combining simple, yet effective songwriting with pertinent lyrics that make their way straight to the point, Beldon’s style is no fuss music for the 21st century, formed using classic instrumentation and pop-influenced hooks.

However, Beldon is also influenced by the likes of The Waterboys, Tears For Fears, Bob Dylan and James Taylor, displaying a strong musical pedigree that is clear when you listen to the music.


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Classical, Rock

‘Forever’ by Georg Roman

‘Forever’ is the powerful ballad from classical singer, Georg Roman whose resonating baritone voice takes centre stage on a truly emotional track.

Inspired by the likes of classical artists Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, Georg has a definite operatic tone to his voice, but he also takes influences from more contemporary musicians including Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker. As can be seen when listening to ‘Forever’, Georg’s rock tendencies are evident, making for a unique combination of sounds.

In fact, Georg was a keen opera singer for many years, performing at prestigious venues like the Bonn Opera, The Bolshoi Academic and the New Opera.

Originally, Georg had pursued a career in sport, wanting to be a professional fighter or weightlifter, but quickly found that his calling was strongly rooted in music.

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