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Bimbi Philips- “Lamba” Review

Bimbi Philips’ music is, to a large extent, a study in escapism. By day an IT consultant in London, he moonlights as a singer of fizzy Afrobeat, and this contrast is exemplified not just by the tropical zest of his music but by the “Lamba” music video, in which he is zapped from a grey city street to a lush forest, snowy peak and fire-lit log cabin. He is also escaping from the traditional Afrobeat of Fela Kuti in his incorporation of elements of house and modern EDM in the airy, clean production, synthesised basslines and clipped, ecomical drum machines of “Lamba”.

In this, Philips makes an effective stab at pop resonance. His music is far lighter and breezier than an Ebo Taylor or a Kuti, and the influence of modern pop is evident in his soft, slightly effeminate vocals that are vaguely reminiscent of Justin Bieber or The Weeknd. “Lamba” is carried by its nagging, insistent bassline and the unusual African inflections of Philips’ singing, although they never overpower the cheerful, blustery accessibility of the music. The sunny optimism of “Lamba” almost tips into self-parody at times—notably in the repetition of “I’m going to do everything for you ‘cos I love you”, but the lyrics are a circumstantial concern and barely scratch the potential of “Lamba” as a nascent club hit. CO


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Tony Banks: genre creator

With his latest single ‘Run!’, from his upcoming EP, Yes Homo, LGBT artist Tony Banks has seemingly created a style of his own that lies somewhere in between hip-hop, rap, house and dance.

It’s an eclectic mix of styles but the talented musician has found a way to make it work, which owes much to the many hours spent in recording studios when he was growing up. However, before this, Tony’s career in music began when he sang in his local church choir! Church choir to urban rapper is quite the leap, but everyone has to start somewhere.

With ‘Run!’, Tony has created a groove-led track with a high danceability factor, but this isn’t all – pertinent and cleverly crafted lyrics add another layer whilst the vocals from JwlB bring a soul-pop edge to what is already a song of many styles.

Tony tells us how the idea for ‘Run!’ came to him whilst he was travelling: ‘I was composing beats on a plane ride. I had started a few and kept going. But when I started ‘Run!’ I knew within minutes I had something and it excited me. I didn’t know the concept right away. That came in time. After that I shopped it to a number of LGBT artists. EarthTone jumped on board first, but others weren’t so sure. But I believe everything happens for a reason. So when I brought it to JwlB she immediately said yes and asked if she could sing. I said she could do whatever she wanted. It’s JwlB. And that’s when she brought her magic!’ 


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New release-Young Malak

Psychedelic ‘grungy’ hip hop star, Darius Bickman (Young Malak) is set to release his upcoming mixtape The Messenger on April 21st, he has released this promo video previewing two tracks from the mixtape ‘The Messenger’ and ‘Avoid the Vortex’.

‘The Messenger’ is a dark outpouring of feelings set to a spacey beat, whilst ‘Avoid the Vortex’ sees the rapper playing impressively with his flow over a grimy sawtooth-synth beat. The visuals are fittingly trippy, definitley not one to miss for fans of Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Flatbush Zombies and Joey Badas.

Young Malak is also a member of of the Virginia Beach collective The Keyz, crediting the group for taking him out of a dark place and to overcome his “extreme” writers block, “ Once I broke myself down to my roots, overtime I began to get rid of the demons and become me again. It was almost like an immediate shift of energy again as the keyz were sparked and reborn as we all just needed some time to grow and figure out more of ourselves and the environment around us.

We look forward to hearing more from Young Malak and look forward to his mixtape The Messenger coming April 21st.

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