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nej!las- “Washout” Review

As gleefully improbable origin stories go, that of nej!las takes some beating. The founder of Global Health Conscious, an international charity that has raised some $2.5 million for UN refugee camps across the Middle East, she is now venturing into floorboard-rattling techno because why not, really. The paradoxically named “Washout” is the prow of her upcoming E.P., a bloodied slab of merciless, mirthless intensity reminiscent of the brutish electro of Trent Reznor’s soundtrack for “The Social Network”.

For all its brutalist repetition, “Washout” is surprisingly flighty in places, fading in and out between tangling, snaking keyboard riffs. As if teasing the listener, the relentless thud of the bass drum that serves as the track’s backbone occasionally slides out of sync between torrents of clicking hi-hats. The heavily distorted keyboards and restless percussion ferment an almost tribal, Teutonic pugilism but the track is still able to conjure a distinctive sense of space—the martial clatter of Woodkid or the soporific haze of Dashevsky compacted into spidery, fingernail-tapping claustrophobia.

Flying Lotus, one of nej!las’ primary influences, is clearly audible in “Washout”. Particularly, the end in which the track’s rhythmic digressions finally coagulate into a clattering, relentless chunter, like pebbles fountaining onto a tin roof, bears a striking resemblance to Flying Lotus’ “Do the Astral Plane”. However, the wired violence of nej!las is largely absent in his music, and is perhaps her USP.  CO


Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/nejlasproducing/washout


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