Five o Five- “Where They Bring Sophie?” Review

Five o Five are an Italian four-piece who have swapped Mediterranean heat and syrupy ballads for gritty, mid-2000s indie rock, trading sun-dappled cobbles for grimy bus shelters. Having recorded their debut album in Milan, “Where They Bring Sophie?” is its first single and a visceral statement of intent. Kicking off with a spiky guitar riff that appears to have been recorded in an oil drum, it torrents into a heavier slog, complete with falsetto backing vocals and chugging power chords.

With all 4 members only being 18, their musical influences are clearly visible. The Arctic Monkeys loom large, both in the “When The Sun Goes Down” riffing and thrust of the Matt Helders-esque, hi-hat-heavy drums, as well as Five o Five’s name presumably being a reference to the Favourite Worst Nightmare song “505”. Piero Piccillo’s vocals are swathed in Julian Casablancas vocoder fuzz, and his louche nonchalance. However, the band’s obvious reverence for the past, exemplified even in the black and white of the “Where They Bring Sophie?” music video, should not inhibit them. There’s something in the interplay of the slinking bass groove, overdriven guitar and detuned Bakelite radio vocals that could be developed and expanded over successive singles. However, for now “Where They Bring Sophie?” will have to settle for only being a cohesive introduction to the band. CO


Listen Here:


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