Alternative, Rock

The Outside Illusion aim to make guitar music accessible

Denis Salgado of The Outside Illusion is a firm believer that for a long time, guitar centric music has only been directed at those who play the instrument. However, with their new album, Silent Communication, the band are aiming to widen the audience of guitar music through their instrumental masterpieces.

Sometimes, lyrics can be distracting in music, taking away from the quality musicianship that sits in the background. But The Outside Illusion are turning this idea on its head with their new album being completely instrumental. As a result, listeners can fully immerse themselves in the sounds and production, allowing them to create what they will from the music, as opposed to being directed towards a definite ‘meaning’ to a song.

Blending electronic and hard-rock guitar styles, The Outside Illusion create highly listenable form of music that isn’t just for guitarists. There’s a certain emotion beneath Denis Salgado’s dynamic guitar playing which truly urges you to look introspectively as to how the music makes you feel.

Not only this, but the video for ‘Silent Communication’ takes on an interesting concept, doing exactly what it says on the tin. Well worth a watch, and a listen!



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