Pop, rap

‘Fireman’ by Jake Aldridge ft. Lisa Ambrose

‘Fireman’ is the new single from rap artist Jake Aldridge who has collaborated with Lisa Ambrose to form a fusion of pop hooks and considered songwriting.

Whilst many artists have music running in their blood, it wasn’t this way for Jake. At the tender age of 11, he sadly lost his Father in a tragic accident and so he turned to music as a form of therapy. It was this turn of events that made Jake realise that he was a confident lyricist, and it wasn’t long before he evolved this talent into rapping.

‘Fireman’ tells the heartbreaking story of losing the person you love and this is a theme Jake knows all too well. With the help of talented singer-songwriter, Lisa Ambrose, who recently won Battle of the Bandstands, Aldridge has been able to create an infectious pop track that crosses genres in to the world of rap.

Having previously gone to no.1 on Zone Radio’s top 40 charts and receiving airplay on Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 show, Aldridge has a promising future ahead of him and ‘Fireman’ is sure to send him on his way.

Check out more on Jake Aldridge here:






http://www.twitter.com/jakealdridgeuk /




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