Pop, Singer-songwriter

Jodie H. Dunn: ‘I Belong In Hell’

After years of songwriting in the comfort of her home, Jodie H. Dunn is breaking out onto the popular music scene with her storming track, ‘I Belong In Hell’. Jodie has a wealth of quality songs at her disposal but it wasn’t until she teamed up with Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studios that she was able to professionally record some of her material.

Unfortunately, Jodie suffered from a lot of bullying during her school years which forced her to move schools eventually, but it was her passion of singing and songwriting that got her through it. She used her talents as a much needed escape from her troubles and these experiences have helped her form some truly moving and emotional songs, including ‘I Belong In Hell’.

Having been signed to an unknown label who gave her major issues, Jodie found herself disheartened from songwriting, but luckily for us, she didn’t let this get her down and now her musicianship has been allowed to shine through.

Find out more on Jodie, here.







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