Alternative, Pop

Chey’s ‘Dirty Love’

‘Dirty Love’ is the enticing new single from Welsh singer songwriter, Chey, who is offering something different to modern music circles with her brand of powerful alternative pop.

Her debut single is a potent combination of orchestral grandeur with gnarling guitars and quality production, but the real star of the show is Chey’s vocals. Beginning with a gentle whisper throughout the verses, her voice suddenly becomes a beautiful roar during the chorus, simply demonstrating her wide range of vocal capabilities.

Chey describes how “Dirty Love was written in the heat of the moment. Having feelings about someone else can sometimes be the trigger you need to move on from the relationship you’re in. I recorded the vocals the same day it was written to reflect the emotion I was feeling at that time. I wanted the single to be raw and edgy and convey as much passion as possible.”

Drawing inspiration from Amy Winehouse and Paloma Faith, Chey has knitted a web of quality musical influences to form her own distinctive style. Never one to shy away from her talent, Chey is ready to break out from her small Welsh village and cement herself.


Facebook: /OfficialCheyMusic

Twitter: @officialchey1

Instagram: officialcheymusic




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