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Track Review: Homesick Mick’s alternative festive offering ‘Prisoner To The Past’

Whilst Brighton based singer-songwriter Homesick Mick has been busy in previous weeks fighting the corruption of Sir Philip Green with his social media campaign and petition, he has also managed to release his latest track, ‘Prisoner To The Past’, an alternative festive jingle.

‘Prisoner To The Past’ sticks with Mick’s trademark folk-rock style but utilises a catchy pop hook that’ll have you humming the tune for days. By opening up the track with this infectious hook without the addition of other instruments, Homesick Mick truly plants the melody in your head.

Simple strummed guitars marry with the quintessentially folky sounding fiddle to create a classic sound that Mick manages to reinvent for modern audiences. There’s even a noodling little guitar solo towards the end of the track that puts the cherry on the cake. The result is a highly listenable piece of folk-pop that will please any ears and offers something different to the typical Christmas songs we hear every year.

Mick’s distinct vocals add another layer to the song with their emotive tone as he sings in the refrain ‘You make it all the time, You make it all the way’. His simple, yet effective approach to songwriting is reflected through original lyricism and musicianship, not a million miles away from the great Bob Dylan.

Not only this, but ‘Prisoner To The Past’ is accompanied by a video somehow featuring ex-Beatles, Paul and John. Check it out for yourself!



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