Jazz, Pop, Soul

M’GOO: ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘

M’Goo take inspiration from true life stories, as well as literature and philosophy, to form their sincere love songs.

The band have a totally original approach to songwriting whereby vocalist and composer Mike Meighu finds inspiring true story lines, poetry and other material to inspire him. The music is then outlined before being stripped back to the basics, forming almost a blank canvas for M’GOO to impart their fresh perspectives on. The unique writing and recording process provides the band with a unique style, adopting strong elements of jazz, rock and pop.

Taken from the album, Love And All That _ _ _ _’, ‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘ tells the story of a relationship that falls apart at an unexpected moment. A couple are ready to be wed, but after visiting a fortune teller, one half of the couple has second thoughts and promptly leaves.

Taking influence from such powerful stories makes for songwriting with real feel and depth to it that seems to have been lost from a lot of modern music.

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