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Glitch Code’s ‘Glimmer’

Glitch Code is the exciting musical vehicle behind the musical masterminds of singer, Rachel Harvey, and songwriter/producer, Paul Kirkpatrick.

The single ‘Glimmer’ comes from the band’s album, Gifted_Damaged which has received praise from a number of publications including Subba Cultcha and Rhythm and Booze.

Harvey adds a very distinctive edge to Glitch Code’s brand of alternative electro-pop with eery and brooding vocals that may remind listeners of Kate Bush, Annie Lennox’s work with the Eurythmics or (going out on a limb here) the darkened sound of Evanescence.

Trying to pin down Glitch Code’s music is difficult because it is so eclectic, evidently drawing influences from a wide range of musical locations. Therefore, perhaps we should stop trying to compare them to other artists and embrace them for the unique work they are doing! Their experimentalism has even led to them using unusual instruments to fine-tune their sound, such as fretless basses and the theremin (yes, I had to look it up too).

However, what can certainly be said though is that there are few sprinkles of 80s production values found in Glitch Code’s mixing pot with computer-esque synths and robotic sound effects used in subtle, but effective ways. This, along with the heavily distorted guitar that underlies the track creates an unheard of sound that has been meticulously tweaked to electro-pop perfection – nobody is making music quite like Glitch Code right now.

In a sentence, you need to get on the Glitch Code hype this minute so you can say that you were into them a long time before before a whole host of other bands come along trying to copy their style. Go on! Do it!

Find out a little more about Glitch code right here:



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